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Others simply enjoy the Makarov because of its excellent shooting qualities. These should not be labeled as, , as they never went there, but are still a cool variant to have, and are usually in very nice shape.*. Take a look! In addition to importing bulk surplus ammunition, Century is the US importer and distributor for Red Army Standard Ammunition.[5]. I wouldn't think 89 would of been an early import date but that really doesn't really matter much. The left overs when they decided to sell all the sks carbines were of no interest to the buyers here as I believe that most all of the guns were rebuilt before they were sold (make work for the masses and bring a better dollar) So all the spare parts had no buyers and they deciced to assemble them into guns . According to a recent Federal Emergency Management Agency report, fewer people are "prepping" today compared to previous years. ), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (flint), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (perc), United States Patent Firearms Revolvers/Pistols, Century Arms International (CAI) - Shotguns. The right side of the barrel is marked "CAT ST ALB VT / SKS7.62 X 39 RUSSIA". ALL SALES ARE FINAL and there are no refunds or exchanges. The rifle shows a near mint condition with excellent cwood and smooth action. I sold four and kept one. East German production of the Makarov pistol began in the late 1950s and continued until 1965a relatively brief production run. Absentee bids are executed at no charge and are a convenience for our customers. it does not have a year on it anywhere, i am just wanting to try to get a little background on this gun. There's always something new to learn about SKS's . Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, shall UCAAR and its consignors be liable for lost profits or any special, incidental, or consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, this site. 14. PAYMENT: Payment is due by Wednesday following the auction. All property is sold "as is", and neither the auctioneer nor any consignor makes any warranties or representation of any kind or nature with respect to the property, and in no event shall they be responsible for the correctness, nor deemed to have made any representation or warranty, or description, genuineness, authorship, attribution, provenance, period, culture, source, origin, or condition of the property and no statement made at the sale, or in the bill of sale, or invoice or elsewhere shall be deemed such a warranty of representation or an assumption of liability. If you find one with Arabic markings, you have an. This includes the East German Karabiner-S, the Polish ksS and the SKS clones made in Vietnam and North Korea. Bidders are encouraged to submit absentee bids as early as possible, at least 24 hours prior to start of auction. One report may be all you need. Postal Connections 225 AS All pistols have a two-digit date code immediately after the serial number that represents the year of manufacture. . View Item in Catalog Lot #3 (Sale Order: 3 of 345) Sold for: $160.00 to onsite "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not included. Knives will be packaged together Items to be shipped will be mailed out on a first-paid-first-shipped basis. - Sales tax applied to invoice total, including Internet Premium. It was made by Tula Arsenal in 1953 and imported by Century Arms Inc via St. Albans, VT ("CAI ST ALB VT"). Most have a brown-to-plum-colored safety, hammer and extractor, although some have a mottled finish. These rifles were made for export to this region, but never left China; instead, staying in China and later exported to the U.S. for the civilian market. DO NOT BID IF YOU DO DO NOT OR CAN NOT AGREE TO ALL TERMS. Bidders picking up their purchases must do so within five (5) business days of payment or call us to make other arrangements; otherwise, the items will be considered abandoned. There is also a small diamond with circle inside stamp on the rear of the left side of the frame and the left side of the slide to the right of the safety that is a proofmark. 299. "CAI ST ALB VT" and "SKS 7.62 CHINA" in tiny (almost missed 'em) font. It is the Bidder's responsibility to determine condition, age, genuineness, value or any other determinative factor. Founded in the 1960s and run for years by two brothers-in-law, William . Lately the discussion of commercially produced SKS's from China has taken a turn. Ammunition: $40 per lot. pca225@postalconnections.com They said it was made and imported in 1989, probably made by Norinco. All payments made by credit card will incur a 3% processing fee. Payments accepted are Paypal, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card. Know the exact vehicle you want? A popular holster with collectors is a cloth one in raindrop camouflage pattern, although it was not officially used in service. Buyer will pay actual shipping costs, insurance and $10 per item packaging fee for guns and $10 per package for knives. See Auction Information for full details.". They are prized by their owners because they are considered to be the most well-made of the Makarovs. First and foremost, the East German variant is a beautifully made handgun with a high level of fit and finish. Catalog descriptions are for simple identification purposes only, no representations are made as to authenticity, age, origin or value. Sportsters and all Hunting Rifles Forum, For Sale, For Trade, or Want to Buy - Market Place, OT.Your "Other" Hobbies and Collections. conversion kit that was used for practice or training. To subscribe to the magazine,visit theNRA membership page here and selectAmerican Rifleman as your member magazine. Friday 3-8pm and Saturday 3-5pm. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Good. It's always neat to find one of these in like new condition after all these years. They all were the same 88 prefix and were very close in serial number to each other. This results in a rather lightly etched appearance, which belies the quality of the pistol. Pistols also have one or two letters that precede the four-digit serial number. Might just have to send him my trigger group. , and you should immediately look for the other features like the serial & import mark. For example, the pistol has only 25 parts, including the stock and stock screw, which is an extremely small number for a pistol of its type. If you are early, be prepared to wait. might learn a lot more. There is an 18% internet premium added to your final bid price. ALL SHIPPING CHARGES ARE BILLED TO YOUR CREDIT CARD. For all non-gun and non-ammo lots, shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. Please read the rules at the top of each forum. UCAAR shall not be liable in any way for such a difference. Click link on invoice e-mail to make payment by credit card. Internet Premium: 18% The date codes that have been personally observed are 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64 and 65, but the date code 58 has also been reported. FAXED COPIES OF THE LICENSE SHOULD BE SENT TO 256-467-7359 or emailed to cfisher@redfieldgroup.com. Any purchases made in the state of Kentucky incur a 6% sales tax. CURBSIDE NO CONTACT PICK UP: Items must be picked up or shipped within one week of the auction date. Additional commissions shall be due and payable. I'd like to get rid of the scope mount and replace it with a regular receiver cover. Bolt is in the white. . Matching components include the receiver, receiver cover, bolt carrier, bolt, magazine cover, trigger guard, and stock. Shipping for all non-firearm items and NRR firearms is the responsibility of the buyer & Cordier Auctions will assist the buyer in arranging shipping through our preferred shipper. That is why you might see a "Mosin Nagant USA 7.62X54 CAI ST ALB VT" on a Remington Arms Mosin Nagant being imported from Finland. 17. See Pick Up sections for important information READ CAREFULLY! It may not be the first give-away that you have an Israeli Capture, but it should always be checked for. by bean Sun May 26, 2013 9:26 am, Post READ CAREFULLY. Bidder acknowledges and understands that this service may or may not function correctly the day of the auction. Redfield Group Auctions, Inc shall endeavor to describe in detail each item and any pertinent information about it. The magazines often have numbers electropenciled on them, but they rarely match the serial number of the pistol. Blade bayonet like new. YOU MUST AGREE TO ALL TERMS OF SALE BEFORE BIDDING. Guns Rifles SKS Rifles CAI.ST.ALB.VT IMPORTED RUSSIAN SKS . BY APPOINTMENT ONLY at location in Harrisburg, PA, after invoice is paid in full. SCHEDULING A PICK UP: They will pick up your item(s) on the next business day and contact you directly with the shipping charge. NYS Thruway to Exit 18 New Paltz. The shipping costs will be billed to your card on file in a separate transaction. I have noticed that all my Mosins imported by St Alb have a tiny import mark on the muzzle end and the import S# stamped on the receiver is the same as the barrel S#. One source indicates that the East German Model PM was built under license at the Ernst Thalmann manufacturing plant in Suhl, Germany. SKS 7.62x39 Russia CAI ST ALB VT Serial # is intentionally blacked out - we do not show serial #s. Proof marks on receiver. All parts have matching serial numbers except the receiver cover which seems aftermarket to mount a scope and is marked "Red Star China " on the rear. The rest can be date estimated by certain features, such as blade or spike bayonet or barrel lug design. SUCCESSFUL BIDDERS will be notified electronically within 24 hours of date of auction. On the bolt it looks like 2 arrows in a X pattern a D on left side a C on right side if you r looking . Markings No 4 Mk 1* - cai st alb vt 303 can Long Branch 1943 there is a C with an A or V with a line in middle of the V. On the for arm there is an X with an arrow pointing down to the butt. Nowhere else have blued bolt carriers shown up in photos of current conflict zones, and to see other features such as the white painted, arabic marked stocks along side them, is just more to support the fact that these came out of Syria. The main importers are the following: Intl Arms Co. (Sacramento, Calif.) This is reported to be one of the first importers of East German Makarovs. The front has a fold out multi-edge bayonet with sling. The PM was the Soviet service pistol from the time it was adopted in 1951 until about 1991. The East German variant was considered a rarity in the past, but after the collapse of the erstwhile nation in 1990, many of these pistols were imported into the United States where they found their way into the hands of shooters and collectors as military surplus.The Makarov Is BornThe story of the East German Makarov begins, of course, with the Soviet Makarov. Bidder agrees that everything is sold as is and that they may not return any item they purchase. $50 fee to be applied to invoice total (international wire transfers only). NO SHOW FEE: If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be required to pay a $10 no show fee. Shipping IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS CALL 256-442-4007 BEFORE BIDDING! ALL FIREARMS MUST BE SHIPPED TO AN FFL AGENT IN YOUR AREA. Cordier Auctions may assist in coordinating shipping through our third-party shipper Postal Connections. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person(s). himmler chicken farmer, nick laskaris net worth,

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