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"Population Statistics Edenhall CP/AP through time", "Relationships and changes Edenhall CP/AP through time", "Details from listed building database (1084351)", "The Luck of Edenhall in the Victoria and Albert Museum", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Edenhall&oldid=1041276419, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 29 August 2021, at 16:24. the next 12 years they had 5 children and their individual stories are He died on 10 or 11 Sept. 1555 at Edenhall when his son Thomas was aged eight years and more. [1] Musgrave married Julia Hutton, daughter of Sir Richard Hutton of Goldsborough Hall, Yorkshire. The decoration was worked in red, blue, green and white enamel, with outlines in gold applied after the enamelling a wonderful demonstration of the refined skills of Middle Eastern glassmakers of this period. These include the Luck of Workington, thought to have been the travelling communion cup of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the Luck of Muncaster, a glass drinking bowl kept at Muncaster Castle near Ravenglass that, according to legend, was given to the castle's owner by Henry VI in 1461. But the Crusades were long over when it was made. [5], The original Eden Hall was extended in the 1700s from materials salvaged from the demolition of Hartley Castle, the ancestral home of the Musgrave family. Sir Edward Musgrave, Knt., son and heir. The church dates back to the 12th century, pre Norman, with the tower added in the 15th century. This property then became the seat of this branch of the Musgrave family. Click on PDF logo for Musgrave Family Tree, back over one thousand years to the time of the Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. "Musgrave of Eden Hall, Cumberland. Died 13 Feb 1881 aged 42 at Marylebone, London. Sir Christopher Musgrave, 5th Baronet (25 December 1688 - 20 January 1736) of Eden Hall, Cumbria was an English baronet and politician. He married Alicia de Holbec c.1195 Adam de Musgrave was the third son of Adam, Lord of Musgrave, and wife Alicia de Holebec. 1839. Musgrave of Edenhall, 1611. Several years earlier, Musgraves brother-in-law Latimer had taken as his third wife the widow of Sir Edward Burgh and a future Queen, Catherine Parr: this marriage may have contributed to an easing of border tensions, for in 1537 it was recorded in instructions given to Sir Anthony Browne that the King had reconciled Lord Clifford and Musgrave on the one part, and Lord Dacre and the Parrs on the other.8, In 1542 Musgrave fought at Solway Moss. The Musgraves were a prominent family in the parish of Edenhall, located in the northern English county of Cumberland (now part of Cumbria) (Figure 1). After being levied a fine to confirm the lease of the third part of the manor and divers lands of Overton - previously given to Richard de Musgrave - he died soon afterwards.[6]. Put in charge of one Richie Grahame, who had been accused of warning the Scots of a projected Dacre raid (in which Musgrave was to have taken part), he had allowed his charge considerable freedom and Grahame had escaped: the Dacres accused him of negligence, but could not make the charge stick.4, On 18 Dec. 1529, the morrow of the close of the first session of the Parliament, Musgrave was appointed marshal of Berwick, being described in the grant as a knight of the body; 11 months later he was granted an annuity of 20 marks out of Penrith mills, Cumberland, during his fathers lifetime, and in April 1531 he was made constable of Bewcastle, with a further annuity of 20. ", "History of Yorkshire" by Plantagenet-Harrison. by Aug. 1552.1, Richard Musgraves wardship and marriage were granted to the 1st Baron Wharton on 12 June 1546, little more than a fortnight before he received livery of his lands, and at about the same time he married Whartons daughter. N.S., Vol. This was about 18% of all the recorded Musgrave's in USA. Margaret Musgrave died The first recorded spelling of the family name is believed to be that of Alan de Musegrave, which was dated 1228, in the "Curia Rolls of Northumberland". His son Philip married Page 752. Sir Edmund Filmer, 6th bt., . 12th Baronet (1881-1926), Sir Richard George MUSGRAVE Born 11 Oct 1872 at Edenhall. Both were probably returned to the Parliament of June 1536, in accordance with the Kings general request for the re-election of the previous Members, and may have been again to that of 1539, for which the names of knights of the shire for Westmorland are unknown. Succeeded by his youngest son Richard Courtenay. First marriage 31 May 1660 to Mary COGAN. Died 06 Nov 1615 aged 30 at Napoli, Italy. Edenhall is a clustered village in the south-west of the civil parish of Langwathby, 800m to the north[1] in the Eden district, in the county of Cumbria, England. Brother of William Musgrave of Crookdake; Isabel Crackenthorpe; Mary Ridley; Sir John Musgrave, of Musgrave Hall; Margaret Sandford and 2 others; Eleanor Musgrave and Sir Nicholas Musgrave less. We can find no details of his wife's name One daughter who died aged 18. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. I and King Stephen; *owed the King three marks in silver for a plea, 4 Hen. Let us be a source of comfort whenever you need us. Family of Shillington Manor Glass vessels of this age survive in relatively small numbers compared with the amount produced, and almost none have acquired the same kind of legendary status. Death of Sir Richard Musgrave of Edenhall at Edenhal Parents: Thomas de Musgrave, son and heir of Sir Richard, married Joan, the other daughter and co-heir of Sir William Stapleton, by Margaret his wife; and with her he had Eden-Hall. to trace their origins back over one thousand years to the time of the In 1958 the precious beaker was acquired for the collection. He was born the son of Philip Musgrave and the grandson of Sir Christopher Musgrave, 4th Baronet. Family and Education. His second wifes death had made matters worse, and both Cromwell and, less directly, Archbishop Cranmer, a kinsman of the Tamworths, got involved in them. The Musgraves were elevated to the nobility when Richard Musgrave was created a Baronet in 1611 for services to the crown. Died 29 Jul 1704 aged c. 73 at Swallow Street, London. Every purchase supports the V&A. Musgraves daughter Eleanor married Robert Bowes of Aske, Yorkshire. 2 sons. They were elevated to nobility in 1611 when Richard Musgrave (1582-1615)2 bought the title Baronet to affirm his loyalty to King James I.3 Lovecraft seems to The most Musgrave families were found in United Kingdom in 1891. CA11 8ST, 2023 Edenhall Estate. MP for Cumberland East 1880-81. Connect to the World Family Tree to find out, William de Sir Musgrave, Elizabeth Curwen, Edenhall, Cumberland, England (United Kingdom), Of, Edenhall, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom, Edenhall, Cumbria, England, United Kingdom. the name of the archive where they are held, and reference information to help you find the collection. 1654), pamphleteer, was youngest son of John Musgrave, by Isabel, daughter of Thomas Musgrave of Hayton, Cumberland, and grandson of Sir Simon Musgrave, bart., of Edenhall in the same county. "[This quote needs a citation] In March 1540 he was writing about his parlous state to Cromwell, who had had an inventory taken of Musgraves goods at Putney: pointing to his service against Dacre and during the rebellion he observed tartly, Others of that country have been advanced for less. have recently reserched this branch of the family and have been able The Luck of Edenhall was loaned to the V&A in 1926, and Eden Hall itself was demolished eight years later. Born c. 1631 at Edenhall. Sir Richard de Musgrave, chivaler, to whom his uncle, Thomas de Musgrave, gave lands and the third part of the manor of Overton, by deed dated on Monday next after the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, 49 Hen. It was built for Sir Philip Musgrave, and contained several handsome rooms, whose walls were decorated with family portraits and other paintings. of Sir Thomas Curwen of Workington, Cumb., 1s. This last appointment provoked fresh trouble with the Dacres, as the office was one which William, 3rd Lord Dacre had wanted for himself, and during the next three years disputes became endemic. George Musgrove's first wife Christiana was the daughter of Born 11 Feb 1896 at Edenhall. He was succeeded in the baronetcy by his son Richard. Married Frances WHARTON in 1602. Shillington Manor. Thomas's grandfather George Musgrave. The placename is derived from the Olde English pre 7th Century elements "mus", mouse, or the Old Norse byname "Musi", with "graf", grove, thus "grove frequented by mice", or "Musi's grove". Richard; (2) Elizabeth, da. and as well as the family country House at Shillington they had a central and grave, keeper. Married Juliana HUTTON in 1625. Copyright 2008-2013 Chris Dickinson. Stopped living at Edenhall around 1900 and sold the hall and estate in 1921. 1da. years later on 27th June 1861 also at Gordon Sqare. She married John Swinburne in 1460. Birth of Sir Richard Musgrave,of Edenhall, MP, Death of Sir Richard Musgrave,of Edenhall, MP, "Baronetage of England" by Betham. It was an elegant mansion in Italian style architecture and situated within the beautiful park with lawns sloping to the edge of the Eden. Connect to the World Family Tree to find out, Hartly Castle, Kirkby Stephen, Westmoreland, England, Edenhall Castle, Edenhall, Cumbria, England, Edenhall, Cumberland, England (United Kingdom), Edenhall Manor, Edenhall, Cumberland, England (United Kingdom), Edenhall Manor, Edenhall, Cumberland, England. Kntd. b. by 1506, 1st s. of Sir Edward Musgrave of Hartley and Edenhall by Jane, da. This was the time of his first known clash with the Dacres. Succeeded by his son Richard George. 695 RICHARD MUSGRAVE, esq. m. (1) by 1524, Elizabeth, da. at The Luck of Edenhall is an exceptionally fine and pristine example of 14th century luxury Islamic glass, made in Syria or Egypt, and now in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The ; ? 9th Baronet (1827-1834), Rev. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. shown below (click on each box). His widow received a grant of Thomass wardship on 1 May 1556 but the boy died in 1565. In Eden Hall, in Cumberland, the mansion of the knightly family of Musgrave for many generations, is carefully preserved, in a leathern case, an old painted drinking glass, which, according to the tradition of the neighborhood, was long ago left by fairies near a well not far from the house, with an inscription along with it to this effect: 2 sons. [5], Living in the time of Henry II. 1531; assistant in west marches to dep. BIRTH 1407 Edenhall Manor, Edenhall, Cumberland (now Cumbria), England. "Pedigree of the family of Wharton of Westmorland (Lords Wharton). When he failed to bring down the 3rd Lord Dacre, unsuccessful pressure was brought upon him by his father, Sir Edward Musgrave, and by the 3rd Duke of Norfolk to marry Richard to Lord Dacres daughter.3. The Luck of Edenhall was thought to play this role for the Musgrave family of Edenhall. Succeeded by his cousin Charles MUSGRAVE. The Musgrave family was a prominent Anglo-Scottish Border family with many descendants in the United States of America, Australia and the United Kingdom a so-called Riding or Reiver clan of Cumberland and Westmorland. a Baronet in 1611 for services to the crown. King John and Alice Radcliffe* Born:ABT 1463, Derwentwater, Cumberlandshire, England* Died:BEF 1496, Edenhall Manor, Edenhall, Cumberland, England* Father: Thomas RADCLIFFE of Derwentwater (Sir)* Mother: Margaret Sir Adam de Musgrave, Knight, Lord of Musgrave, Adam de Musgrave, Lord of Little and Great Musgrave, American Revolution: Battle of Brandywine Creek (1777), Westminster Abbey Interments and Memorials, Patriots - Daughters of the American Revolution, Boxer Rebellion and the Siege of Peking, 1900, Anglo Boer War (1899-1902) - British Armed Forces (Officers), Anglo Boer War (1899-1902) Portal Index of Projects, Westminster & Palace of Westminster, London, England, St. James' Chapel Burial Ground, Euston, Camden, London, http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Musgrave#ixzz189xMxYD6, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Musgrave_(surname), http://www.stirnet.com/genie/data/british/mm4fz/musgrave1.php, http://www.stirnet.com/genie/data/british/mm4fz/musgrave2.php, http://www.stirnet.com/genie/data/british/mm4fz/musgrave3.php#tour1, http://www.stirnet.com/genie/data/british/mm4fz/musgrave4.php, http://www.stirnet.com/genie/data/british/zwrk/musgrave5.php, http://www.stirnet.com/genie/data/british/zwrk/temp42.php#mus1. To create a new comment, use the form below. ; Thomas Musgrave; Rev. [5], John de Musgrave, lord of Great and Little Musgrave, in the county of Westmorland, in the time of King Henry II; married Matilda, dau. About Sir Richard Musgrave of Edenhall F1. Thomas de Musgrave, lord of Great and Little Musgrave, was the first-born son of Adam de Musgrave. over the centuries they had established a large family house named Eden Wednesday before St. Luke the Evangelist, 7 Hen. In 1569 Musgrave commanded 400 horse against the northern rebels and in the following year again served under Lord Scrope, warden of the west march, and the Earl of Sussex in their punitive . of Sir Christopher Ward of Grindale, Yorks. He died on 10 or 11 Sept. 1555 at Edenhall when his son Thomas was aged eight years and more. Born June 1628 at Edenhall. He married firstly, Alice, daughter of Thomas Radcliffe, Esq., by whom he had issue two daughters, 2. Succeeded by his grandson Christopher, only son of his eldest son Philip (1660-1689). Sir George showed us where the cup was kept, there was an Iron door and stone wall, in case of fire, the Cup was then put into a tin box. Born 15 Jan 1757 at Edenhall. Eden Hall was an elegant mansion in the Italian style of architecture, designed by Sir Robert Smirke in 1824, and situated in a beautiful park, with lawns sloping to the edge of the Eden. Local historians recorded (or invented) this legend in the 18th century a piece in The Gentlemen's Magazine of August 1791 tells that, as they fled, the fairies screamed out, "If this cup should break or fall, Farewell the luck of Edenhall". The family name may be derived from several etymological possibilities. Edenhall Church, dedicated to St Cuthbert sits handsomely within the Estate parklands. The section of the walk that continues along the river is also known as the 'Ladies' Walk', as it was once the preferred route of the women of the Musgrave family of Edenhall. III; was lord of Crossby Gerard and Soulby in right of his mother, and lord of, This page was last edited on 27 March 2023, at 20:12. Still intact after over 600 years and a journey that took it from the Middle East to the north of England, the Luck of Edenhall is far more than just a compellingly old, and incredibly pristine, drinking glass. Demolished Hartley Castle. Thomas Musgrave Musgrave. Get the support you need through our website 24/7. Trevor's recovery removed the need to consider the matter any further, and Musgrave remained at Edenhall throughout the spring and summer, . If you have questions, please call us at (541) 205-9369 anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Old enmities may have been at work here, although the fact that the duke recommended Wharton, another opponent of the Dacres, for the place suggests that he meant what he said: unlike Wharton, Musgrave was not a dedicated borderer. In 1958 the precious beaker was acquired for the collection. and h. of Philip Denkaring, wid. Married twice. On reaching the wooded section along the river, there is an upper and a lower path. He was born c.1200 in Great Musgrave, Westmorland County, England and died c.1247.Links to additional mateial:*. They were Quakers. He himself . Penrith The surname is of toponymic origin, from the Anglo Saxon mus for "mouse" and grav for "mossy plain". Geneanet. We Died Jan 1735/6 aged 47 at Penwortham, Lancashire. The original Hall was established in the 1700s from materials salvaged from the demolition of Hartley castle, the ancestral home of the Musgrave family. George Its recorded history starts in Cumberland, now part of Cumbria, in the late 17th century, but it was actually made in the Middle East, in Egypt or Syria, around 1350. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. of Thomas Wharton, 1st Baron Wharton, 1s. The addition of the porch and vestry in 1834 are attributed to architect George Webster. 2nd Baronet (1615-1677), Sir Philip MUSGRAVE. Three of his sons successively inherited the baronetcy. Writ 25 Aug., inq. 12th Baronet (1881-1926), Sir Richard George MUSGRAVE. privacy policy, GB/NNAF/F87030 (Former ISAAR ref: GB/NNAF/F6099 ), Musgrave family, baronets, of Hartley Castle, Westmorland and Edenhall, Cumberland. 340. [2] The name Edenhall originates from Eden Hall house, the seat of the Musgrave family of Hartley Castle, Cumberland many of whom were members of the House of Commons. Known as the 'Luck of Edenhall', this large beaker (drinking glass) of translucent, orange-tinged glass is one of the most exceptional objects in the Museum's glass collection. Explore Musgrave genealogy and family history in the World's Largest Family Tree. In his 1834 ballad, The Luck of Edenhall, the German lyric poet Johann Ludwig Uhland envisaged the terrible consequences of its careless destruction during a banquet at Eden Hall. 4th Baronet (1687-1704), Sir Christopher MUSGRAVE. Musgrave Surname Origin. 10th Baronet (1834-1872), Sir George MUSGRAVE. Musgrave's son Richard would later introduce a bill to deprive the . and chief forester, Nichol forest 29 Apr. Enter your details below to be kept up to date with news, events and exclusive offers. m. by 1547, Agnes, da. I. The Musgrave family origins are based in Westmoreland and Cumberland and over the centuries they had established a large family house named Eden Hall near Penrith. The hall was sold in the early 1900s, when the Musgrave family moved to London, and was demolished in 1934, leaving its 19th-century courtyard of stables and coach houses which has been divided into seven properties retaining some stables. The earliest record of the Musgraves is Gamel, Lord of Musgrave, noted as being "of the county of Westmorland and divers manors in county Cumberland, living in the time of King Edward the Confessor (1042-1065) predating the Norman Conquest. 6th Baronet (1735-1795), Sir Philip MUSGRAVE. It was rebuilt in 1821 employing the architect Sir Robert Smirke and rebuilt again in white stone in an Italianate style in the late 1860s. A branch of the family lived in the mansion of Edenhall - a mythology probably based on Tennyson's Poem "The Luck of Eden Hall" whose fortune was assured by a lucky glass beaker which survived from the 14th century the Luck of Edenhall. The need for the IHS charm on the cover was therefore all the greater. The Luck of Edenhall was a goblet dating from medieval times. According to Plantagenet Harrison, the earliest record of him is "Gamel, Lord of Musgrave, of the county of Westmorland and divers manors in county Cumberland, living in the time of King Edward the Confessor (1042-1065)". Have a response on your own site? Died 24 Jul 1806 aged 49 at Tunbridge Wells, Kent. "XV. e: hello@edenhallestate.com, Edenhall Estate Ill. Born 12 Jul 1794 at Marylebone, Middlesex. There are already 73 users and 3,087 genealogy profiles with the Musgrave surname on Geni. Two sons: Adam and Walter. Such stories obviously intrigued people. C.W.A.A.S., Tr. Married Marianne HASELL on 14 Sep 1825 (she died 1835). [5], Stephen fil. "Appendix. Among the recordings of the name in Yorkshire Church Registers are the marriage of John Musgrave and Alice Byrkehead at St. Peter's, Leeds, on May 14th 1583, and the christening of Thomas, son of Wm. Geni requires JavaScript! She married John Heron III about 1516, in Bitchfield, Northumberland, England, United Kingdom. 15th Baronet (since 1970), Sir Christopher Patrick Charles MUSGRAVE, Musgrave Manor website (no longer exists), The Memorial Inscriptions of Edenhall etc. It was then rebuilt in 1821 by the architect Sir Robert Smirke, the same architect of The Royal Opera House and The British Museum. MUSGRAVE, JOHN (fl. Musgraves son Richard would later introduce a bill to deprive the Cliffords of their hereditary shrievalty of Westmorland, but he himself was able to reconcile his loyalties, to the crown and to the Cliffords.5, Unfortunately for Musgrave, Lord Dacre was acquitted, and the next surviving letter to Cromwell was a recital of his troubles, especially monetary ones. 4, 1879, 178-249. They were the parents of at least 1 son and 1 daughter. Born 25 Dec 1688 in London (son of Philip MUSGRAVE & Mary LEGGE). [1] Musgrave died at Eden Hall at the age of 70. 3 children from first and 12 children from second marriage. 11 children, including Philip (6th baronet), Hans (born 1717) and Chardin (1723-1768). Then in 1534 Musgrave struck at the Dacre power in the west marches. Although it may have acquired its nickname at an earlier date, we know for certain that the glass was called the 'Luck of Edenhall' by the 17th century, as the name was recorded in the will of Sir Philip Musgrave, the owner of Eden Hall, in 1677. steady periodic solution calculator, holmes community college job openings, suzanne fortier husband,

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