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inTouch Ads is the brand new advertising service designed to provide high definition video advertising direct to your venue, aimed directly at your existing clientele. The service is active in a range of venues across the globe such as bars, restaurants, gyms, hotels, retail outlets, etc. inTouch Ads runs venue specific ad campaigns that actively increases awareness about your business/brand, providing high definition video ad playback related directly to promotions and events happening at your venue. The service also includes up to the minute, local and regional news, sport, weather, entertainment and financial information feeds that run in conjunction with your ad campaigns, ensuring maximum exposure to your audience around the clock.

Choose from a dedicated range of Ad Players which plug directly into your existing screens, or simply integrate the inTouch Ads service with any of our existing products. Use the Video Maker app to make a start on your first video now, or contact our advertising team directly using the form below or via to let our advertising team create the perfect ad campaign for you and see the difference inTouch Ads can make to your business!

Some Of Our Recently Created Client Videos

Create Your Own Venue Specific Video Ads

Now you can use the new TouchHits Video Ad Maker to create your own HD video adverts using your own pictures and text…

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